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  • Posting for points since nobody reads these! BUT, if you happen to I’m an MMO Veteran of... a lot of games.i got my start From experimenting in Everquest and later moved to finding out I loved them in Final Fantasy(TaruTaru WHM) I then moved into Guildwars for the oooh shiny it’s new in... 2004? Had a fun time playing a Mesmer/Monk fast caster. After that little foray I dove into WoW for BC and then WOTLK. My first experience raiding and trying to be the best got me to server first(of a non guild run) Naxx with a PUG group. Got me hooked, picked up by the top Horde raiding Guild and downed Yogg in Ulduar (server second, we were so close!)

    After that I bounced around a lot of shooters, always coming back to try out the new expansions or MMOs that we’re releasing with an old group of friends. My last notable achievement was after SWTOR launched, I played a Bounty Hunter healer and was the first of my type to reach the PvP title. My core group were juggernauts and rarely ever lost a game. Was fun while it lasted. Now I’m just here trolling for the next great thing!

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    @MedeHawk Welcome to our growin fam πŸ˜‰ I'm an old player of wow too (11 years)

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    Welcome, nice resume. I have been on most of those. Loved Final Fantasy and Guildwars but never got into Warcraft. I enjoyed SWTOR but only played it for the class storylines, PvP just isn't my thing. This looks like it has a lot of potential if it can maintain a strong community.


    Hello MedeHawk!


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