Light role play beastmen guild.


    Hello! Happy to see yet you have clicked on my post. Glimheim’s Mercenaries is a role play light guild acting as a mercenary company. We have been around since the beginning and are the most well known mercenary guild in fractured. With a solid foundation I feel that I can bring everyone interested a great role play and serious guild experience.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    @WhoAteTheCat Don't you think that a merc guild would be way better off operating anywhere but on Arboures? Without a huge market for protection from PKers (because an overwhelming % of Arboreus' territory is safe from PvP) I just don't see how such a niche concept for a guild would allow you to survive, not even speaking about striving. You simply would be unable to accomidate a large amount of members.


    Heya @WhoAteTheCat! Well-met, m8! Great minds think alike and so do ours. 😉

    My Beastling Pack guild is planned as a bunch of PvE heroes who help folks from off-world (esp traders or crafters seeking special materials) move about Arboreus safely. We're going to be based in the south port city of Duath for this test. You are SO welcome to join us!

    @humerus - it is a true fact that anyone coming to Arboreus to kill people will definitely not be seeking help from Arboreans. My hope (and I'm guessing, Cat's as well) is that Arboreans and Syndesians who choose the crafting or merchant life, or who are basically solo players that can't kill everything on Arboreus solo, might appreciate a group to travel with.

    My group will be working with @LilCassiopeia during this test, in the southern port city of Duath. First we'll help the Meridian guildlings build the city, as a base of operations. Then, as time goes on, my hope is that the Beastling Pack will be able to earn our daily bread by adventuring forth as protectors of the traveling tradesfolk. I could be way wrong, f or sure. But that's my plan for now 😄


    @humerus good question and good points. In game, a guild does not have a single race it can accomodate. We could have a large number of humans chilling in Syndesia. And it was my idea to migrate to Syndesia in the first place.

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