Win a key based on your creative writing skills! (Done)


    Write up a Fan-fic/Lore and win a key!
    Reward: Adept Key, 1 winner (possibly more)
    Deadline: 25th of June, 23.59 GMT +10

    There is not much lore about this game, the dev has said so himself that they haven't gotten around towards working on the lore and literature of this game yet.
    Perhaps this competition might inspire some of their design/creation, and lore of the game, next thing you know you've made a lasting impression on this game! ~who knows~

    I am sure that some of you are quite interested in lore as well, and I've even seen some of you write beautiful description and background stories for your characters.

    With that being said, write up a good fan-fic, fantasy and story about how/why the 'planetary divide' happened, and the cultures that evolved due to this.
    Create characters, cultures and stories that revolves around the world of fractured.

    Think of this as if it were a 'spoken history', of tribes and cultures that passed on their historical knowledge of events.

    Heres a few things that might help you:

    1. Watch the Q&A and FAQs as the dev has mentioned some interesting things about the world of Fractured, you can incorporate this to your story.
    2. Use the wiki as it provides good information about races, gods(dieties), alignments, etc,.
    3. Use forum resources such as maps, commonly discussed knowledge/information as inspiration or part of your story.
    4. Incorporate your guild or its history into your story! get creative.

    Key selection criteria:

    1. Accurate to the world of "Fractured MMO"
    2. Original/Creative (Nothing is new under the sun, but get creative and don't plagiarise. I WILL USE TURNITIN.COM IF I HAVE TO.)
    3. Clear understanding of their theme (Know the theme of your story and not jumping around from one idea to another)
    4. Minimum of 800 words.

    I won't add too much restrictions as I would really love to see peoples creative juices flow.

    The winner will receive an Adept key, and if I liked more than one story then I guess we'll have two winners! πŸ˜„
    Hell, if I really really liked your story to the point that I am super engaged with it, I might even gift you an Eternal membership (might).

    There is no maximum word limit, however I would insist on an 800 word minimum, which is expected of a short story. Just remember that a well written story doesn't require 3K words. If it gets the point across and engages the audience, it's a plus.
    I really hope that we have a lot of participants, otherwise we'd have to cancel this competition which would be a bummer.
    If we do not reach at least 10 participants then I suppose i'd have to cancel.

    The reason why I won't be using 'votes' as a method to choose the winner is because guild members or people that are well known in the community could easily flood the votes, and that people can easily make an alt character to swing the vote to their favour. I want to give every creative mind a fair go!
    I will choose the winner upon the merits of their creative writing skills.

    Post and reserve your slot so I at least know if you're interested.
    Deadline is on the 25th of June, 23.59 GMT +10, it is flexible by 12 hours and the winner would be announced within a week of the due date. I do have to read them after all!

    For random passerbys who have not registered yet;
    feel free to use my ref code πŸ™‚

    This will not help raise your odds by any chance. As I've said before, and I will reiterate this once again - The winner will be chosen upon the merit of their creative writing skills.


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    1. I don't think I'd win, but if I did please give the prize to the next person. I already own a package. I'm just participating for fun.
    2. I really enjoy the Elder Scrolls lore system of the unreliable narrator and different beliefs and interpretations so I tried to bring that to life here.

    *Dearest Prior,

    The heretical creation myths of the tribes and peoples of Arboreus are as numerous as are their myriad of druids and elders. In almost every village you may hear a different tale, sometimes of a wholly different character than the previous village. Though many contain the same blasphemous tenets; unanimity of spirit, inspidous passivity and a celebration of the maldevelopment of society.

    Provided for your study is one of the Prima Fractum myths of the Erwydra peoples from the Village of Hywynn. I have consolidated it from interviews with several prominent druids and changed its basic structure for coherence, as many such tales are told in a uniquely confusing non-linear fashion by these headmen.*

    Before the One became as the Many, there was only the One. This One had no name, as all was like the One. Today the Many call it Elysium. Though the One was not the Elysium the Many talk about today.

    Elysium was at once One and many. It was the only celestial, though populated by itself. It could feel and breathe all that moved upon it and all was in harmony. There was no shelter built, for all was sheltered by the One within itself. There was no hunting needed, for all was nourished by the soothing of the One.

    But the One, though unitary, was not of one thought. It had many thoughts like the creatures of the Many. These thoughts would at times coagulate within the One. Some would dissolve on their own but others might refuse to break down and become like a clot within the One.

    First of these thoughts was the beautiful wild known as Nelena. The One did not fight this thought, for the One saw what goodness it had become. The great trees and wildlife stretched out endlessly before them both.

    Within this wild did the One see the newness of failure and success, as the lives of some nourished the other. This second thought was known as Iridia, the lady of fortune.

    Nelena and Iridia, now speaking among themselves away from the One, had many of their own thoughts. And from this did rise and beastmen and humans who lived upon Elysium together.

    The One did now look and see the helplessness of these new members of the Many. From this came the One’s third thought; Galvanos, master of knowledge. From this the new Many learned how to survive and prosper. But from this knowledge came the dilemma. For from knowledge comes both goodness and evil.

    The fourth and fifth thoughts came together at once, like conjoined twins. They came not from the One but from the thoughts of the Many. Tyros, Lord of the Light, and Babilis, Lady of the Dark; siblings yet born in hatred of each other.

    It was Babilis who first fell in love with the lessers of mankind. She found she need do little prodding to convince them of their vanity or violence. Some she would corrupt so thoroughly their very essence changed to match her own, good men and beasts would only whisper their names in private, demons upon the land.

    Tyros found he must work much harder to keep men within his host. Though his army did grow with beasts and men in anticipation for whatever his wretched sister might wrought upon creation.

    For a million generations of beastkind did this feud rage, each side at one point or another having the upper hand. The destruction and turmoil truly indescribable. Tyros, finally beseeching Nelena, who in turn convinced Iridia, brought fortune to his side.

    As the armies of light seemed poised to finally purify Elysium of the darkness, Babilis revealed her final hand. Through some great and unknown magic did the dark witch attack Elysium, sundering the One into thousands and bringing unity to an end.

    With her demonic followers Babilis scurried onto what would one day become the den of disease and darkness known as Tartaros. Iridia, feeling confusion regarding her role within this sundering, fled with mankind and her lover Galvanos. Tyros and Nelena with great terror clutched strongly to their love of Elysium, whose spirit they could still feel but not see. The beastmen, following their mother onto what would one day become Arboreus.

    *As you can see from the following narrative, the beastmen of Arboreus have many wayward and blasphemous beliefs regarding the creation and the Prima Fractum. It is my feeling that my mission here does little good, as even my attempts to argue or enlighten them are met with uninterested passivity. Galvanos guide me.

    -Martinius Salliou of the 17th Mission*


    I'm good at writting in Portuguese but not really in English, hope we can read some creative stories here. good luck guys!


    Is there a place where I can go for lore that is already canon?


    @Donner nope. Dev said that they haven't gotten around to this yet, and that it's something that they're generally not interested in at this point in time as their focus is on finishing the game.

    Lore, textures, etc would most likely come later.

  • The story lore should be around the world as overall or could be background for the characters? so much tot ake over it is hard to decide


    Well I guess I better say that I am interested. I love writing so this should be fun but I have a bit of research to do!


    @CrusherHeads said in Win a key based on your creative writing skills!:

    The story lore should be around the world as overall or could be background for the characters? so much tot ake over it is hard to decide

    The character story should be based on the world of Fractured MMO πŸ™‚
    I shouldn't be prompting you but to give an example, you could write a story about why a demon decided to become an angel, or the events that took place that forced a man-beast to become an abomination, or for a human to become a lich.



    @Donner A lot of research to do! I'd suggest watching Q&As, it gets really interesting what themes/ideas could spark some imagination xD


    @Zori Ahh I understand it better. I wanted to write about the Lich anyways, as that is kinda what I want to main in game in the future


    @Donner im planning to go from Demon to Angel myself haha


    @Zori There is so much potential in this game, and from a lore aspect as well



    @Zori I definitely like the idea of some community promo and stuff, so I hope you don't mind me joining in on this, even though I am definitely far from a good writer.

  • @Vidrik u gonna win lol

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