Nice system so far but..


    Hey just wanna give you guys feedback. It's a very nice system so far with building your gear -> farm enemies for skills and enchantment loot -> enchant your gear -> farm enemies for more skills and do pvp. This is a good Gameplay loop but be careful it gets boring very quickly.
    I would recommend you guys to build some dungeons with extra loot and some daily/weekly boss fights for rar loot and so on. We definitely need more variety to play this game a long time. I know it's just the alpha but a lot of games ending up with just a boring loop.

    Please bring this game alive with a lot of variety and house building things. Also a raid system to raid other player houses and steal the gear out of it would fit good. So even if you have everything you can be unlucky and need to farm everything new from the beginning.

    Hope you will give some free keys away besides the contest.

    Keep up to good work!
    Excited to see this game growing.

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    @Facer You should read about the planned features in the Spotlights, then you will see, that there will come a load of stuff. Not even close to a boring loop. 🙂

    Also, take a look to the Funding Features, there are more content that will get added, because we did them in the Kickstarter 🙂
    I am assuming that they won't be all directly in at Release Start, but they are on the Roadmap. And to be honest, we will need additional content, that comes once the planned features of the game are in and it is going to the Release.

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