Change Requests:



    These are the immediate changes that I am requesting if possible.

    #1. When you type in your password on the login screen? You should be able to hit the "Enter Key" on Your keyboard to log in. Not have to re direct your mouse to confirm/click.
    #2. I'd like to see an optional 'backdrop' feature on chat. Black background? grey? whatever. Chat is often hard to read with white letters and a light green grass map landscape or varied terrains.
    #3. WASD. We really need this. WASD. Holding in mouse kills my wireless mouse and its hard over long periods and targeting/moving/playing.
    #4. Discord Overlay Support/Teamspeak/So forth.
    #5. Shift + Click to input items into a chest or take them out / in stacks. Also to insert or take out of enchanting tables/crafting stations.

    I know you folks are working on alot of things right now but to me? these are some of the more basic but priority items.

    Cheers & Thanks.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I would LOVE to see a toggle attack function, so I only have to click an enemy once to toggle basic attacks on them, while casting spells with hotkeys does not disrupt targeting. This is currently my largest gripe with the system, as targeting with melee feels pretty awful at the moment.

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