LFG: Alpha 2 and Beyond


    Im looking for a guild to play with during Alpha 2 and through to beta and live. I will be trying all aspects of the game out with no real focus until i find my feet. Im UTC+1 timezone so activity in this period would be high advantageous for me.



    Look me up! Im always looking for more friends. 🙂

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    @Ration Hello, I think you'll be interested in joining The Shadow Empire, the current top1 guild on the leaderboards.
    We are large and have sufficient structure to support players of any given playstile, so it doesn't matter whether you'll end up liking PvM, PvP or skilling more: you'll always be helful to the guild.
    On top of that we have members from all over the world so you'll hardly even find it difficult to find somebody online or ready to play with 😉
    If you're indeed interested in learing more feel free to join our discord server where we'd be glaf to speak with you in real time and answer any further questions you might get about us!

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