Mortal Like or not ?


    Is it me or this would probably be similar to Mortal Online ?

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Xesh - I've played Mortal Online, and I can't find many similarities with Fractured. Perhaps the most striking differences are:

    • MO is skill-based, Fractured has an horizontal progression system known as Knowledge System which is different from both level-based and skill-based systems.
    • MO is first-person with FPS-like controls, while Fractured is isometric with ARPG controls.
    • MO has a strictly hardcore target, while Fractured tries to cater to friendly/cooperative players too thanks to its unique race and universe design.

    Then there are plenty of other differences on topics like crafting, character creation, interactions with the environment... No, I wouldn't say Fractured is close to MO - they're both sandbox MMOs, and that's pretty much about it :slight_smile:

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