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    Hey all, I just found out about this game and I am really excited for it. I've only read very little information but this is exactly the type of game I have been waiting on for a long time.

    I was just wondering to the few who might've played already what your experience has been like. I want to go all in on the game but seeing how other MMOs have been in the past I am a little weary and trying to curb my enthusiasm.

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    @Celesar Welcome! 😉
    My experience with the game was very limited and I don't think that judging it on how it currently works is completely fair per se, as it's still in the early development phases, but the coding aspect of it seems pretty solid: it runs good and smooth. Unfortunately the last playtest I participated took place around 10 months ago and I can't give you complete up to date feedback. 😞


    @humerus thanks for the quick reply! I don't expect anywhere near a finished game as of yet. Just kinda seeing how developers feedback and community has been so far. I read somewhere about a test I think starting today so I was kind of curious about it.

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    @Celesar Yes, today marks the start of the stresstest that will last til the 1st of June, it's already live for backers and for everyone else it will open on the 28th so you can check the game out for yourself 😄


    Hello Celesar!


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