Looking for PVP guild


    Would like to join a guild that is primarily human or at least is planning to operate mainly on syndesia.
    Would also like the guild to have atleast 50 people or growing v-fast.

    I play from Australia & have a family so wont always be available for raids etc.

    What can i do for your guild?
    I would create stategic charts, each for a specific task.
    Eg, resource gathering, seeking knowledge, town valuation, etc

    What makes me better than another for such tasks?
    I'm not, specially if you know who the ruller of the 3 planets is.

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    @islesofurth Hello, I believe that The Shadow Empire just might be the guild you're looking for!
    We currently have over 200 members whis is almost 4 times as much as the top2 guild does.
    We will be present on all 3 planets and a lot of us are planning to main human characters on Syndesia.
    As we are so large it is virtually guaranteed the GvG, seiges and other PvP activities will be happening constantly, so you won't find yourself bored to death 😄
    I can not guarantee that you will be taking a commanding/higher role, but if you really are effective at what you are trying to achieve, making us stronger, and most importantly enjoy it yourself: your efforts will not go unnoticed.
    Apart from PvP we are also going to do a lot of PvM and skilling/gathering, luckily we have the numbers to afford doing so. 😉
    If you have any further questions or just would like to discuss the matters more timely feel free to join our discord server by clicking the link in my signature and scrolling down a little 🙂


    G’day, mate. Aussie here too. I’ve got a guild that will be operating mostly on Syndesia as a mercenary company. You can expect lots of PvP from us. We’re also the most well known mercenary group on fractured and hav even since the start. We’d love to have you if you’re interested. Please see the link in my quote about Glims Mercenaries.

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