My own report



    Here comes my own report.


    • Every time I'm connecting, I'm kicked back to the character lobby with the message "Connection Lost". The second attempt is always working.
    • Sometime the interface is displayed twice (2 action bars, one over the other). It seems to be related to connection latency.
    • (Before the house) When i died and got back in town, i couldn't move. I had to disconnect/reconnect to fix it.
    • (After the house) Sometime when i die, i spawn inside the middle pillar of the house (5×5). I must use Relocate to unstuck.
    • When I'm in a party, my Fire Totem is attacking the Fire Totems of the other players.
    • If a player forgets a cart inside his/her house while building the floor, the cart is stuck in the floor.
    • It's possible to visit a part of the fog near Vale of Shadow with Relocate. I'm not sure we're supposed to run along the cliff of darkness (the part of the map where there is nothing, no vertice, no texture).

    Interface improvements:

    • Picking on corpses/plants should be locked while fighting.
    • Stations should include a way for multiple crafts.
    • We need a way to mark spots of interest on the map.
    • Having no way to change the viewport orientation is a pain.
    • Party members should be visible on the map.
    • Party members' status should be visible in the top left corner.
    • While crafting armour, the button to select the skin (basic, dire wolf, warg, etc.) is not visible enough.


    • The existing tutorial is enough for me but too inaccurate for many players.
    • It's impossible to use a skill while moving. We have to click next to the character and then use the skill.
      The closer the click, the shorter the delay.
    • For the armour crafting and such, it would be far more interesting to hide the resulting statistics of the gear (for example, leather armour with warg skin gives magic resistance) and let the player experiment.

    I had fun:

    • Running around, discovering new areas
    • Building my house (5×5)
    • Gathering all the skills (48 skills i believe)
    • Listing/gathering the resources to enchant my gears to Tier 2 (35 resources with bonus at least).

    Best regards.

  • hey do you have a complete skills list or somewhere i could look at that i would be super interested 😄


    @teerenis said in My own report:

    When I'm in a party, my Fire Totem is attacking the Fire Totems of the other players.

    Not only that, but players themselves can attack Fire Totems. I suspect they are the exact same entity as the NPC version, except their AI only targets non-players (including other Totems.)

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