Weekend Feedback for Alpha 2 Test 2


    Put in like, 20+ hours over the weekend (I blame Enchanting & trying to minmax that goddamn magic resistance whilst being 1 tick off every time), some minor suggestions I've thought would make really nice additions to the game this test or the next are as follows:

    1. Beastiary drop tables. Once you get 100% knowledge on a monster, their drop table should be displayed, or is updated as you get those drops from killing the monsters.
    2. Verdant Regrowth is kind of underwhelming, add a scaling modifier with CON so it heals more per more endurance you have.
    3. A sprint ability that slowly drains you Endurance, but gives you a movement speed up buff.
    4. Hovering over stats should display what they actually do (Looking at you Luck and Fortitude)
    5. Resting at a campfire should also regenerate all mana.
    6. Warg helmets for bonus magic resistance
    7. Bear pelts added into the game to create hide armour from it, providing bonus Armor.
    8. Some sort of "Heavy" class armour, could be done using animal bones & teeth, since there's no minerals or resources in game atm.


    I'm definitely all for ingame knowledge and tool tips. Nothing worse than having to tab out to go read a wiki while trying to play.

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