Crafted armour


    I have crafted 4 tubs of leather armour daily. during the process I have enchanted +50% durability , I have enchanted mana regen, poison resist and several others.
    First the armour with out enchantments lasts very short term. second the armour with enchantments other than durability have lasted the same. The armour with durability lasted less and went to yellow and red faster than the non enchanted armour. My thought is that the enchantment may simply be reversed accidentally and it is not giving durability but allowing 50% less durability or 2X damage to durability.


    In Alpha 2 Test 3, I am inclined to believe this is still the case. I have a bow with +150% durability, but it seems to have lasted fewer arrows than any other bow i have used. It was at 100% before I entered the Vale of Shadows, heading off with just shy of 2000 arrows. I am now down to 28% durability and i still have around 800 arrows left. I have probably gained this many arrows while I have been here, so it is safe to say I have used around 2k arrows. I am pretty sure that ALL of my other bos have used around 3k arrows before they died, each AT LEAST!!. Is this a bug, or was durability implemented as an idea, and not actually implemented as a mechanic?

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