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  • RE: Forums not tracking some quests between profile for older members

    Hi @Dr-Quick, the issue is that you have a dot in your username, which shouldn't be allowed (only letters and numbers). I just fixed that in the registration procedures. I just renamed your account to DrQuick, now it should be all good 🙂

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  • RE: Pledge Packs Are Going... With A Sale!

    Fixed the wrong link pointing to the previous post 🙂

    @Eurav said in Pledge Packs Are Going... With A Sale!:

    Meaning we can expect the next Alpha Phase to start in max. 2 - 3 Weeks. Good news


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  • Pledge Packs Are Going... With A Sale!

    Hi everyone!

    All good things must come to an end... and so do the Kickstarter-replica Pledge Packs currently available in the Fractured Store.

    You've asked this question frequently, now the answer is official: pledge packs are going to be removed from the store at the end of the next Alpha test. This means they're going to be available for approximately 1 month longer (mid July), then they'll be gone for good!

    To celebrate this big change, we've decided to apply a discount to current pledge packs. Say hi to the Crowdfunding End Sale!

    Find out more

    Enjoy Fractured!

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  • RE: Funding

    @deusex2 said in Funding:

    1)No immedient gain. Even if I'm getting the most expensive pledge there is, fact of a matter is devs can promise anything and everything in the future(stars and planets, included), but right now, this moment, I'm getting nothing for my money.

    Hi @deusex2 🙂 First of all, thank you for your support! Let me address some of your issues:

    1. It's true that it might feel quite limiting right now, but we don't have the resources to manage always-online test servers. It's much easier for us to focus the testing, bug reporting and feedback in a limited time frame. Tests are going to last much longer in the future anyway - particularly as soon as we get Knowledge System implemented.
    2. Our crowdfunding goals are lower than one would expect - but please, allow me to brag a little 😉 We've run the first Alpha test 8 months after the end of our Kickstarter campaign. The build lacked a lot of features, but it was already a game, featuring a 60km2 continent, combat, PvE, crafting, land claiming, building. It was not an arena to test combat or a miniature garden to test gathering/crafting or stuff like that. Servers were stable and there were no game-breaking bugs, too. We might have 1/10 of the funding of some of our competitors, and therefore a much smaller team, but we're delivering! 🙂
    3. We're very aware of this too, but it's (partially) on purpose. We wanted A1-T1 not to be publicized too much because it was too rough. There will be way more streamers in A1-T2, and we'll start actually getting in touch with the "big ones" in Alpha 2!
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  • RE: Fractured Content Pills - Week 22, 2019

    @Kralith said in Fractured Content Pills - Week 22, 2019:

    Hey guys, why you don't have a girl in your team? 😉

    Nice to see and hear from you.
    Will you be this year on the Gamescom in Cologne too? @Znirf

    Because no Italian girl has ever applied for any position at Dynamight, I guess 😃

    Yes, we'll be at Gamescom this summer! We're likely going to have a stand in the business area. We'll drop more details in July once we have figured everything out 🙂

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  • RE: Spread The Word & Win An Alpha Key!

    @Robinhoodrs said in Spread The Word & Win An Alpha Key!:

    Kinda hard to talk about a game in high spirits without knowing much about it, correct me if I'm wrong here, but, surely it would make more sense for someone with a media following to post a positive video/blog, etc AFTER they've actually tried the game themselves, no?
    I'm hyped for this game, so are many others within my guild, but I've been hurt to many times before by kickstart MMO's falling far from their promises. I don't wish to mislead my audience into that, just from a personal experience I've had with it before.
    Once I actually get my hands on this game, I'll be 100% sure to post my thoughts and views on it as I've been keeping track since day 1.

    Hi @Robinhoodrs! We're soon going to launch an influencer program and send keys to content creators with a good following and appropriate content (like yours). This new initiative is mostly targeted towards "regular" community members who might talk about Fractured in the Discord channels / reddit channels / forums of the communities they follow, content creators with a very small following, and so on 🙂

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  • Spread The Word & Win An Alpha Key!

    Hi, dear Fractured follower!

    Are you looking for a key to access the next alpha test? From today, you have a chance to win one by spreading the word about the game!

    How? That's really simple: just talk about Fractured and post a link / screenshot to what you published as a comment to this thread!

    You could describe and recommend the game in a Reddit channel / Discord channel / forum you follow, write a post on your own blog, make a video... Anything that helps letting the world know about Fractured and triggers a positive reaction in the audience will do!

    Before the next test begins, we'll select the best entries (= the most heartfelt / creative / effective) and award them a key to take part in Alpha 1 - Test 2!

    Additionally, every meaningful entry will get 500 Foundation Points - so there's always a reward!

    Please note that by "meaningful entry" we mean one that feels personal and isn't spammy. Just dropping your referral code somewhere is not considered a meaningful entry! 😉

    Moreover, always remember some forums don't allow advertising games or have other rules in that regard. /r/MMORPG, for instance, doesn't allow referral codes!

    If you are looking for more info about Fractured for your contribution, you can find them on our homepage, the News page and this thread. You can point people to these resources too!

    Thank you all for your support!
    Enjoy Fractured!

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  • RE: Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2

    @ThatOtherJesse said in Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2:

    Will I be able to pvp. While killing mobs in test 2. Great work so far keep it up boys cant wait to stream test 2.

    If we have enough time, we'll implement a proper party and dueling systems 🙂 Alpha 1 is focused on PvE and the ruleset of Syndesia is not the final one.

    @Dagimir said in Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2:

    Can we expect other playable races or Martial arts please!!!!?!?!?

    Martial Arts is possible, other races are for Alpha 2 or later I'm afraid.

    @twitchjackyace said in Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2:

    just leaving this here

    Ahahah what an embarrassment! That PC had its motherboard changed months ago, got unregistered, could never be bothered to contact customer support. It's fixed now 🙂

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  • Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2

    Hi everyone!

    Alpha 1 - Test 1 has come and gone, and it's been glorious! We've received great feedback on the basic mechanics of the game, and are truly glad to know they've been appreciated by most of the community 🙂

    Alpha 1 - Test 2, is set to start in June - exact day to be revealed. Aside from the obvious bug fixes and QOL changes, here's a roadmap of what we'll be working on in the next two months!

    Discover the roadmap

    Enjoy Fractured!

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  • (04/14) Servers are back online - Claim items have been reset

    Hi everyone,

    since the deployment you've been playing on is still experiencing issues and the SpatialOS engineers haven't gotten back to us yet (understandably, since it's the weekend), we've decided to start a new deployment for you to continue enjoying the Fractured Pre-Alpha. Game servers are therefore available again at the usual link:

    If you are being told that the deployment is not available, try hitting ctrl+f5 to refresh the page above (the "play" page, not the deployment's).

    Since we are forced to leave the old deployment running so that the SpatialOS engineers can look into it (hopefully) on Monday, claim items data can't be ported to the new deployment. This means all the houses you've built can't be found in the new deployment. We're really sorry for that and will see to give you some compensation for the trouble (and the missing day) when A1-T1 is over. Also, we're obviously going to change the way the system works so that those data won't be "temporarily lost" if we experience a similar issues in A1-T2 and beyond.

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Enjoy Fractured!

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