Game world terrain feedback

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    The biggest frustration for me at the moment is getting blocked by bluffs/cliffs while exploring. The game world is very big, and if im setting a waypoint across the map many times im blocked by an extremely long bluff that i cannot traverse down to.
    edit so basically, I see a location I want to go to and set off towards it. After travelling quite some distance I realize the location Im heading for is at a different elevation, and the bluff needed to cross is incredibly long.
    This makes me do a lot of back tracking to find a road or elevation change to step down or up the bluff. There needs to be more natural access points along these bluffs to let players move up or down in elevation.
    I also think these bluffs need to be symbolized better on the mini map (and main map) so we can determine an efficient path when making long journeys across the map

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