Loggin bug after settings -> controls



    Explaination :

    I went into my settings to check on the binding, nothing is showing in the control pannel, so i went out. Farmed some monsters, plants, trees, did stuffs to build a rope etc. Went again in my bindings, got disconnected, and since, my character is said in game and i have to wait for reconnection. When he ( i suppose ) disconnect, i can again hit the play button and got a loading screen which cancels at approx 40% ( before the bars joining the C of connecting to server ) and put me back in chara selection saying the same "u already logged wait that u get removed"

    Hope that i'm in the good place for this post, and that it may anyhow help to ur job. My house will have to wait a lil ( But dont worries, i dont take a star back from the evaluation, imma just wait and see if that bug )

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    @Yogdrael Likely caused by the performance issues as a result of the stress test. Please test it again after the issues have been fixed. 😉


    @Specter Yeah no worries, i posted in the same time than someone else and it was answered that it was due to 300+ loggin.
    Thanks for coming, i think u can archive this since it's a "double post" then.

    Or perhaps, the fact about settings-controls can be usefull to the devs since i never was able to reach this part of the settings.

    If that helps, i'm on 1440p gsync dual screen, could perhaps make a bug or smthg "out of the screen" bcuz of this, dunno.

    Good day to u n the devs!

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