[A2-1]Day 2 Gameplay

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Luckly the test last for 2 weeks so i manage to come back home and have some more time to test the game.

    I focussed my second day game session onto building my house. Found a lot more stuffs to craft then in A1-1.
    The cart is actually very usefull to this purpose, and a really good feature that you rarely found in games. There is a serious bug that allows you to clone items, makes the building of your house way more faster, but also gets you less attached to what you are crafting on your own. The cart also might gets stucked in different ways. The main problem happens to be that you might not reach the exact spot to grab it. While i was building one stone-wall of the house i left his front side looking at it. Once i finished i couldn't reach his handles anymore, cause there was not enought space and i had to destroy it and craft it again. I suggest to create a function that allow you to turn it, so you might find at least one out of four direction to grab it.

    While wondering around in search of Rocks and Trees i had a couple of fights. It might be just a feeling, but it seems that some monsters speed gets adjusted so it's harder to kite Bear, Wolves and Direwolves. Also the Fireball CD appear to be shorter. The combat might be a little bit more harder then before but i really prefer it that way.

    Thanks for reading. Putio.

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