Sudden Server instability


    I beleive the instability comes from the admins spawning in items & teleporting players etc.

    I say this because just after @spectre came online to help someone who was stuck in their house
    The server became really unstable
    My spells wouldnt cast instantly
    Sometimes when they did cast they would not register a cooldown, so i couldnt cast it properly until the cooldown was up (but i would still do the casting animation)
    NPC's would not hit me right away even tho i was in melee range

    These things only seem to happen after an admin has been online
    Not saying its bad they do these things, but until a fix is found perhaps they could limit or find alternative methods of helping.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    yes server is very bad at the moment please fix the issue unplayable to test properly.

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