My first Bug Report

  • Hello,

    Here are some things I have noticed

    Some may be common so I apologize for any Redundancy

    • It's impossible to place any chest close from the house's walls

    • When you have placed an element it's impossible to move it and place again

    • Flying Fences

    • Item description sometimes stays permanently on the screen

    • Character navigation is not smooth sometimes you have to click twice to go in any direction, it is important because of the game type and can make a difference

    • Sometimes when hitted by NPC the character "flies" and not runs so animation problems

    • Sometimes you have to click twice to pick up a resource, stone, wood, or any other element

    • I noticed that if you place your cart in a certain angle too close from the wall you lose it because you can't pick up and go

    • Latency on the abilities when you launch the skill on the keyboard

    • (detail) When you rest too close from the fire you crouch "in" the fire

    • (Not bug but reporting anyway) : Animmations are not smooth especially for the NPC

    Anyway it is a good start for an alpha, the "Open World Sensation" is very good, I've noticed the size of the map which is quite respectable and the Ping is normal considering the location of the server

    Ok that's enough for this time see you soon

    Long life to Fractured it is a good start !

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