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    I've been wandering the fields of MMOs since the one MMORPG that I kept up a subscription to was taken away from me by NCSoft. There are "spiritual successors" in the works, and I hope one day to enjoy playing at least one of them, but I've also been looking for a whole new style of game.

    This one sounds very promising, if not overly ambitious in some ways, according to one or two responses I've gotten to my ideas. Three races sounds disappointing, but from the concept art it looks like there could be quite a bit of variety within those, especially for the Beastmen and Demons.

    I hope they can make the crafting something to really learn, and even discover and explore and come up with new things based on the properties of the materials used, not pre-set recipes. The part about not finding a sword inside a dead rat is a big step in the right direction. I hope they do likewise with the finding of gems, minerals and metals -- based on terrain, depth, etc., not in pre-marked places.

    Well, that's enough to give an idea of what I'm hoping for. Mainly I'm hoping to find that when I log in, there will be complete strangers who will ask me to team up, not just to go killing things but to be part of a trade caravan or to bring in the harvest or repair a wall...

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