Beastling Pack 1.1


    As game visions have evolved in this forum, so has the vision for the Beastling Pack.

    It's looking like offering a Guard/Guide service for off-world visitors to Arborea might become a lucrative and enjoyable way for folks most interested in PvE to spend their time in-game. The Beastling Pack will be there to help - mainly Syndesians, but certainly some carefully-vetted Demons or home-body Arboreans.

    We'll be the ones who know the fastest and easiest routes. We'll know the mobs and monsters by their nicknames. We'll see the world instead of doing a lot of home decorating. We'll know the best pubs in every city, and which governors/merchants give the best deals.

    Sound like fun to you too? All Arborean Beastlings welcome!


    My dear friend,

    times are dark these days. The routes which were once safe are now home of fierce monsters and ruthless bandites.
    Traveling for our merchants has become so dangerous that needed supply for our town Dùath is running short.
    To avoid starvage for our citizens I would fill in a request to you and your guild Rayalupa to secure our City and there roads in Arboreus.
    May you and your companions be large in number to reduce the dangers which are facing us.


    @LilCassiopeia - could be that the Beastling Pack should set up a base in Duath? We aren't a large company (yet) but we will be learning the ways of Arborea as quickly as possible, in order to defend needful commercial ventures and peaceable sightseers.


    As the governor of Dùath I would welcome you and your people to set up a base in my city. 🙂
    May the relationship last long and strong.


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