FoxHound Wants You!!!!!!

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hello everyone!

    Looking to get this guild up and going.

    Guild philosophy is that our guild is a family. I'm a firm believer of protecting and helping each other.

    Casual guild, we understand that REAL LIFE comes first before a game. If you have issues we just ask that you let let us know if you'll be away for a bit. We'll keep your place. I want this to become a whole community a family away from family.

    I have a lot of experience leading guilds im many many other games from WoW, to ultima.

    I make you this promise now. If you join us there's only 2 ways you'll be removed from the guild

    Afk without notice
    Super unacceptable douchbaggery (familys fight now and then but if on our discord or in gamechat things like racism are unacceptable)

    Thats it. You join. You're with us until you decide to leave. Thank for your time link below

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