Casual Guild

    If your looking for a relaxed guild with open schedules, non trigger finger Officers and basic rules to follow, this Guild if for you.

    ¿What do we offer?

    • A fun environment to have fun and play the game in.
    • Play PvE, PvP, solo or with group of friends.
    • This is a guild in which everyone that wants to play Fractured as a Human can join.
    • No schedules
    • A large city in which we can come together and grow through time! Marketplace , Inn, Crafting,etcétera..

    What we hope for:

    • Mature behavior inside the Guild

    • Respect your guild mates

    • If you’re going away for more than a week pm beforehand to GL or Officers.

    • Help newbies

    • Any question don’t hesitate on asking.

    Foundation Guild Page
    Official Guild Site

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