I'm new, what is unique to this game?


    Yea, as the title says. I'm new here, and there is little information about the game on YouTube so I'm hoping someone would tell me what is unique to the game and what to expect, thank you for your time.

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    @cheers Hello new friend, you might need this (info).


    The most basic information is that the game is a sandbox with three worlds that have different rulesets. In terms of unique, there's the PvE focused world of Arboreus. In terms of less common, the game doesn't really do levels so much but instead uses a knowledge system with only a few ranks. So everything you are doing is the goal, rather than grinding levels to start.

    There's a lot more than that, of course, but those are some big points about the game overall. For more details, I suggest starting with the news/blogs on the main site, then asking specific questions as you feel you need. Everyone is going to have different focal points, after all!

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    Hello Cheers!



    I'd say the most unique thing is how they actively encourage the community to interact through positive reinforcement. lol

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    Most unique thing is probably how much race matters to your gameplay experience (to the point that I kind of despise it). 3 planets 3 races, your races determine your starting planet and you receive different effects due to your race/not being a race on planets.

    Some other notable mentions are:
    knowledge system that works by awarding you upgrades from "experiencing the game" through different means rather than grinding mobs (no levels in this game).
    Said to have heavy environmental interaction with your skills.


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