The epic of the knights of the moon.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    The epic of the knights of the moon.

    Long time ago, man only knew men. Predators were always there, but with time we learned how to not die to them. Back in the old days there was many tribes, fighting one another. One day a wise king came and united all humans anther one tribe. An empire had been created, and the tribe of worries, became an order of knights.

    One day, after many emperors who came and went, men has discovered that they are not alone. Creatures so evil, they curse the land they step on. Monsters so fearsome and ugly that even a knight would shake from seeing them. Demons have arrived to the land of men.

    The order was not ready for such fearsome foe, for the order has battled bandits and rogues throughout the empire, never agents a worthy opponent. Called by the emperor with other orders and the army, the knights have battled against the raids of the demons.

    While the terror of demons rained throughout the land, traitors gathered at the corners and bait the land for themselves. Men went to war with men once more. It was not a men agents a group of bandits, no, it was man agents other man, knight agents a knight, kin agents kin.

    With the chaos devouring our land, the empire fell into the darkness. The order had no king, no emperor to protect. Holding at their forts, protecting the villagers under their protection, the knights fell one by one. Fort after fort, village after village, scum and demon alike ate the land.

    Defeated and wounded the order now weekend. Only a few souls to tell about ancient times. They fight for an empire that yet to come. Fighting for the sake of men and pure hearted creatures alike. A new empire will rise with a new emperor. Under that emperor an order of knights will stand strong
    Once upon a time there was a grate united human empire. It fell and changed humanity forever. No one is sure how did it happen. Out of nowhere you might meet a knight, telling you about the old times. Can a knight really know what happened in the old days? Did the story stay true to the truth? No one knows, but some claim they do.

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