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    Hello Fractured community, I am a current Albion player and a long term mmo player that has taken a long break between mmos, 8+ years before joining Albion a couple months ago. I'm making this thread to try to find a current guild in albion that is looking to transfer into Fractured when it comes out (and if fractured isn't a flop lol). The reason I'm doing this so far in advance is to prove myself to the guild that I can be one of their core players and help run the guild. I have long ago lost my core of players I use to play with, each for different reasons. 8 years is a long gap and things change and evolve. It is near imposable to run a good guild without a good core of players.

    What makes me qualified? I have ran 2 guilds in the past. One in Guild Wars 1, I led a ~80 member guild (max in gw1 was 100), almost all active players. We were a very casual guild, but did own one town with our alliance in Factions. I also had leadership thrust upon me 2 months in playing the game, ask if you want more details. In Perfect World International (Harshlands) I ran a guild also. 2nd biggest/strongest PKing guild on the server, 150+ members (max in guild was 200). We fought in guild vs guild, and had some territory for a while (filling the battlefield with 80members with the 80vs80 matches), but we were never strong enough to fight the big dogs.

    This game looks like it has a lot of potential and I love the idea behind the towns. If a guild gets its core members on the same page and working together before launch they will have a big advantage to grow a foothold, if the guild is ran well. I have seen many guilds fall apart right after the launch of a server. Using a guild on here, eXploited, as an example. You can see how they are able to move around their core and capable members from game to game. Giving themselves a great head start and teamwork has already been solidified many years ago. I don't necessary look for something as serious and hardcore as they want to be, but (not to repeat myself to much) I do look for that kind of core they have with their guild.

    I wouldn't be against running a guild myself in Albion, growing a core, and the players surrounding it. If there is enough interest on this thread. But the problem is that I am older now and have more responsibilities now (and more things I want to do). So I would fear without a solid core of players I would not be on enough to really grow a nurture a guild to maturity.

    Message me or reply in the thread with any questions or offers of guilds out there. Or even if you would be interested in joining a guild in Albion Online that would plan to move to this game when it came out. I would prefer to be Humans in this game, maybe demons. Thanks for reading my thread 🙂


    You should start your own. Would you also play both games or choose one that's more fun to you? You seem serious about being good at MMO, so it might not be weird to be the one who will teach others, as leader or core player as you mention, however wait till the alpha stage rolls over. I think it's too soon to prepare for any real guild as game will come out in few years.


    I would probally move to this game, if it is successful. What's the expected date for this game to come out? In a year or two? By that time I bet I, and many others, would be ready for something new.

    Yea, It is very early to prepare any guild for this game, but Its not like I would just be joining/making a guild in albion for the sole purpose of playing this game. There is a ton of fun to be had in albion and I would like to join/make a new core of players. Right now I have been playing albion very laissez-faire, and haven't been going out of my way to develop many relationships in game, just been chilling lol. If Factured fails, its fine, not a big loss. But joining a new crew of likeminded people would be great. Playing with people that are down for moving on to another game together.


    Hey, are you from Fricks?

    also, if you are still up for starting a guild and playing as demons (and not humans), lmk, im interested in what you are throwing out here


    Yea, I'm in Fricks lol. Are you?

    Im totally down for playing demons, can't say no to that. Most people on albion would probably want that also.
    You should send me a friend request in Albion.


    @ hello to my fellow [POWER] alliance members ✊

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    pfffft ... Fricks. PFFFT... [POWER]. Pfftftft sputters out

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