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    Ok the first thing is... sorry for my bad english haha i'm writing this to discuss some ideas i had a few days ago.

    1. Age System
      I think that players character could be created with a fixed age defined by the player and this would give some boost on certain attributes, an old char would gain more knowledge points for being "wiser", consequently an young char would gain a boost on stamina.

    2. Ships
      Yeah like going around with your crew on ships being a pirate, or maybe a pirate hunter ? Or even have a merchant ship. This would open a lot of possibilities to the game exploration system.

    3. Arenas
      Build coliseums inside the towns, where players could fight each other for gold and glory !! And add some espectetor mode to watch matches for an amount of gold, then the collected gold could go to some kind of city bank or to the winner player.

    I don't know how good (or bad hahaha) those ideas are and how they would fit in the game, but i think it would be cool !
    Again... sorry for my english 🙂



    1. Age can be as an extra feature, but it should not affect the gameplay, as it create an imbalance

    2. I'm sorry for what I'm saying now but this is a very old topic that everyone wants to see, but the developers now have other tasks. Perhaps it will appear after the release, if the game becomes popular and the developers will not be disappointed

    3. Also quite an old topic. Such buildings could be located inside the capitals of every planet. There would have been tournaments for the best player with limited rewards


    @muker Ok maybe i'm blind hahaha i didn't saw that those topics were that old, sorry hehe


    @guirossi01 No, it's okay (the translator probably described it again roughly). Just if you really want to make some original theme then start thinking about what you've never seen before. Take an idea from the void. Let's say you were lying on the couch, just listening to music, thinking about behavioral and suddenly something flashed. Has rushed thought, what you never guessed it, what no one offered, what in the future became would canons!

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