Where is the Horse and the Rider

  • "Where is the Horse and the Rider?"

    "Where is the horse and the rider?
    Where is the horn that was blowing?
    They have passed like rain on the mountains,
    like wind in the meadow.
    The days have gone down in the West,
    behind the hills... into Shadow."

    Guys, its time! We need our friends to success in Ks, and Devs its time to release some little trailers on a daily basic, belive me! You need to show more arts and concepts!
    Show Char Creation, lockpicking, backstabs dragons.. elder ones, the possibility to tame on the 120k goal.. you must have some skin to put on some deer ingame to show something!

    in 6 day we will know how it will end, anywas is a good journey!


    @00 The developers have already written that they are preparing great news based on urban planning, siege, etc
    I admit the moment that in vain they are now releasing news on kickstarter, because it is better to attract the audience with the possibilities of the game, and not news like " pay all together and get that"

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