The Fractured Forum Series: (GodWars)


    Disclaimer* This is a Forum Role-playing Game, for entertainment. This is made up lore based on fractured characters. Please Read All Rules!

    Lore Background: You just arrived as a new soul, in the fractured universe. Your legacy and mission is to become the strongest and knowledgeable throughout the lands. The God's are watching and are highly favoring those; that appease their agenda.

    Rules: Your goal is to gain points, to become the strongest. Points are gained in two ways;

    1. by being the first to answer random questions from(kingexodus-only)
    2. completing a quest (example: First to post a picture of a castle)
      *these points will vary depending on difficulty of question/quest.

    *You can also launch an attack on another player, causing them to lose a portion of their points, if conditions are met.

    1. To attack a player, Format: [attack on @/playername, for: xamountofpoints]
    2. Attacking a player cost you your points aswell.

    example1: King{55points} [attack on @/Exodus{20points}], for: 15points}
    **now King has 40points, and Exodus has 5points.

    ~attacking is only a good idea if (a.)you are confident you will rise in points again. (b.)you really don't like that player lol.[all fun and games folks.] (c.) strategic play by groups of players taking out a high point leader.

    Armor and Weapons!
    You can also gain unique weapons and armor that grant point abilities. Through special quest.
    *such as, double points on answered questions, or immune to attacks.

    Worlds and Play-Style!
    Worlds and your play-style only effect you, in which certain quest will be a certain world or play-style only quest.
    Play-Styles: Warrior, Mage, Ranger
    Worlds: Arboreus, Syndesia, Tartaros

    To Participate and Join!
    Please use this format to join:
    {{Player Name: KingExodus
    World: Syndesia
    Play-Style: Mage}}


    Players and Point Rankings:


    Attack Log:


    Weapons and Armor List:

    Greataxe: Next attack is double points.

    Demon Longsword: Pulls Player to demon world, (switches their world to demon).

    Nature Bow: Next random question is double points.

    Ice Staff: Next quest is double points.

    Fire Staff: Can post questions, for other players to answer for points.


    Forgotten Cloak: Can't be attacked.

    Dark Robes: All incoming attacks are Halfed.

    Wild Boar Garment: Can gift points to another player.

    Enlightened Full Plate: Can Post Answers, regardless if it was previously answered.

    Cloak of Renewal: Grants a World Switch

    Infinity Cloak: Grants a Play-Style Switch




    Question #1: Where are new demons born, on Tartaros? [10points]


  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I believe that it is unlikely that someone will take, as it is difficult and tapes. If I'm not mistaken, we had some kind of theme where people would come to the tavern and tell their stories, it was quite easy. You set too difficult a task for the forum participants.

    kingexodus said in The Fractured Forum Series: (GodWars):

    Question #1: Where are new demons born, on Tartaros? [10points]

    They are born in a nest where the slaves of Tartarus serve their Queen


    ok, i think once you get past the reading of rules its quite easy...its literally just answering questions in simple terms.

    but thanks for feedback, I can probably edit it to make it shorter.


    Question #2: What is the evolved form of a demon, through divine quest? [5points]

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @kingexodus Angeles


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