The Order of Dagon (A PvP focused guild)


    The Order of Dagon will (of course) be a PVP centered guild focused both on building cities to protect our own members, and on taking out other demons in the barren wasteland of Tartaros. In the early stages of the game, we will be focused on obtaining a base of operations within the game in order to give our members a reliable place to craft, rest, commerce, organize, and any other activity that might require the protection of a city. Yes, any and all demons are and will be accepted. After the initial launch of the game, we will shift our attention into the part of the game most of us are here for, the PVP. It will be a bad idea to venture alone, so we will form "Hordes" so we may not be succumbed by individual demons that may roam the land. As demons, we have the ability to reek havoc on the human world but shall need the motivation to do so. Depending on how the teleportation between worlds works, we will use our status as demons in order to effectively act as mercenaries for certain humans. Again, this part is an if, but using our demon status, we could turn a sizeable profit by exploiting the wars the humans will wage against each other. This is an open guild, any and all Demons are welcome, consider yourself recruited

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