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    Caravans could be used by merchants, farmers, miners, hunters, gatherers to move materials from one location to another, hiring bodyguards, which could be interracial, or just beast/demon/human depending, which they either pay for basic NPC guards, or hire player guards which would be more mechanical against human players. This would also allow the game to have a wainwright proficiency where you can sell your carts, each with its own unique style (per race) and strengths/ weaknesses.

    What does everyone else think about this?



    1. This topic has already been
    2. Developers and so told us that there will be a truck for the transportation of things from point A to point B

    Of course, such a unique type of progression – all part of the Knowledge System – requires travelling to be more than what you’re used to in other MMOs – which typically boils down to walking or riding from point A to point B (without getting murdered on the way if the game supports Open PvP). Indeed, on Fractured survival mechanics come into play to spice things up, requiring a greater deal of preparation the longer your travel takes and the more extreme the environment is. Let’s have a look at them following the (mis)adventures of a player whom for the sake of simplicity we’ll call… You.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @d1shwasher there will be caravans to escort 😛

    this is a part of what we know:
    If you engage in the merchant profession, things get even more complex, of course. In Fractured, there is no magical “stash” or “bank” that makes your items easily available everywhere you go. You can earn some warehouse space to store your items in a village, but such space is not free – and even if you unlock it, what you deposit in the village stays in the village. As your character inventory on Fractured is quite limited, you’ll need wagons to move resources – which means animals to drag them, and a proper escort to see that your bounty doesn’t fall to unwanted hands. This is once more a wide topic though, which will be given further elaboration in future feature spotlights.

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