How is this game different?


    I know its dynamic and different then other mmo's, but how? What makes it so that you don't have to grind in order to be good?


    @driftingsalmon Summarily... Fractured is an open world, where guilds will be able to equip their cities. Since world is open in danji will be able to enter at the same time all the players who are nearby ( just need to enter, it is in a certain location). The game has 3 races: Beastmen PVE, People PVE/PVP and the PVP Demons. The game has about 400 skills, where your ability to play and use skills will dominate, not the eternal grind for the top gear. Can you interact with the game world:

    knock between a clan of bands and a raging river? Animate the waters to protect you, or freeze them over to cross to safety – then melt them to drown your foes! In Fractured, the natural elements around you can always be exploited to defeat your enemies, even when all hope seems lost. If you want to know more, you'd better go to the news section, which is listed in my greeting below.

    In this game, the monsters will drop resources, not weapons as in casual games, which means that all the equipment will be created by players.

    Unlike Albion online

    Hi denispeda-since I know Albion myself very well, I can give you an answer as dev. The most important things I can outline:
    Fractured features ARPG combat, which is quite different from Albion's Dota-like style.
    Progress is horizontal and sees no grind thanks to the Knowledge System, while Albion progress is very vertical (with resources, items and everything divided in tiers) and progress requires repeating the same action over an over for a long, long time.
    The way PvP is managed is very different - on Albion, by level (low level: green, high level: red). On Fractured, by race and planet. In fact, the whole concept of races and worlds doesn't exist in Albion.
    Interactions with the environment being very important in combat are also missing from Albion.
    We have one massive open world, it's not divided in regions.
    ...and there's a lot more I could mention. Even the graphic style is different. So like... Yeah, it's very different

    There are 6 gods.

    Elysium, which is thought to be the source of Arboreus’ primal energy.
    Tyros, god of light and justice.
    Nelena, goddess of the wild and mother of all beastmen.
    Babilis, an evil god worshipped by the Demons.
    Iridia, goddess of fortune and mother of all humans.
    Galvanos, god of knowledge and keeper of the nine paths of magic.

    They are briefly mentioned in this spotlight. Some gods are tied to a specific alignment while others are neutral. Worshipping a god grants access to divine quests, blessings and divine abilities, more on that here.

    Here is a link to the news:
    Information skills
    Types of skills
    Video with game mechanics
    Hello 0_1526933477723_ecdb9d1f-f30e-4c8f-8207-ceed69d6db6f-image.png (click the cat) Old version of welcome with information (some complained about the volume0_1527620666172_c6937af0-900c-4bca-aeef-9bd523a21a9c-image.png).


    @muker Thanks for the info, and to be clear if you select a demon can you only do PvP?


    @driftingsalmon No, you can perform divine quests and become an angel for example, thus you will be expelled from the planet and you will be peaceful ( more information about it is not). Pvp is not necessary, but you will be in a hostile territory


    Hello DriftingSalmon!


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    I know its dynamic and different then other mmo's, but how?

    Seems that everything will be dynamic like season that will bring more vitality on npc. There will be possible to freeze rivers and so on.

    What makes it so that you don't have to grind in order to be good?

    Cause you don0t have to level up your char or level up the gear. It's like a moba. The only thing you have to do is performing tasks that will unlock more abilities to use.

    and to be clear if you select a demon can you only do PvP?

    All races can do all. PvE is openworld so you can do it. Playing as demon will be tricky just because Tartaros is a FFA planet you may have hard moments there.

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