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    So..who are we, anyway? Well, our guild first formed in a space building game known as Starmade back in 2012. As you might expect from a multiplayer game with factions/guilds and PvP content, we've fought many people and most of us are decently good at doing that. Trinova's people might have even been one of the largest guilds on the more popular servers over there, who knows. But, earlier this year/late 2017, Starmade basically died so we're moving into other games.

    Anyway, my name's Gantrydublin and hopefully I shall convince people to join our empire and crush all those demons and beasty bois who stand in our way! Uhh..I mean...peacefully rise to power on violence here, lads.

    Anyway, the game seems interesting from what I've seen of it today, and I hope to see you all in-game whenever it releases!

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    bump, just thought I would provide more info about what I hope the guild will be.

    I thought I would create this guild to try and gain some experience with leading, as I've been playing many different MMOs over the past few years and trying to find a community within each of them.

    For now this guild will be human only, but if the system will let it happen ingame, we'll be open to any beastmen who want to join as well.

    • Good/Neutral alignments only
    • Focus on settlement building/exploration, maybe also fighting demons

    If you do join, just don't be immature or a dick and you'll be fine. If you have any questions, either pm me here or on Discord @Gantrypengy380#6055.

    Also I might try to start up a website and/or discord if enough people join and ask for that.

    See y'all around the forums lads ☺

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    bumpity bump, always looking for more people (even if this thread is on the 2nd page of the guild subforum like it's irrelevant or something :p).

    Anyway, we have a discord now! I literally just created it a bit ago so maybe more channels will be added to it later, but hey it's something! Also edited the 1st post in here with the link so yall won't have to scroll an inch to see it ☺


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