New Guild Edge of Eternity Recruiting

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hello, I'm FatalWalker, (character/guild leader name Nalsarra Zaffo)
    EoE is an English speaking guild focused on PvE and new players, PvP and Veterans are welcome....we are more then just a guild, we are a family, one that is focused around making friends, to help out with quests, dng raids, and for pvpers to provide backup.

    You may post you referral link once you are in the guild if you so wish to, the point of the guild is to help others.

    P.S. If you wish to join this guild in other games, or if you play a game that this guild is not on, and you want a name for a guild, then by all means, use this name (I prefer if you let me know what game)

    Tag: EoE

    Race: Beastman

    Master: Nalsarra Zaffo

    EoE history:
    Edge of Eternity has been my guild for over 25 years, on multiple platforms, and hundreds of games, ranging from Browser based, to FPS, RTS and MMOs.
    Originally this guild was called -Eternity- and Absolute Zero, but over the years I decided that I needed a permanent name, something that was nice to hear and had a fluidity to it that rolled off the tongue.
    And thus, Edge of Eternity was born...and I started to focus on creating a family more then a guild, a community that helps others, whether they are in the guild or not, to show people that Online gaming is more then just a hobby.............It's a lifestyle.


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