Inscription / Fortuning skill - Knowledge


    I think it would be pretty neat with the way that this game works to have either a place of knowledge in inscription or a way for information to be passed down. This way you could help and be a benefit to other people. Not necessarily in every aspect of the game but there could be some ways to give information to other players.

    There could be interesting ways to give limitations to the system, including having very hard to gather materials, super high knowledge levels in other ways and/or unique items that allow the passing of information from one player to another.

    Another way this could be implemented is that we may not know, find out how to learn a skill because of the ubiquity of gaining skills and knowledge but there may be a way that we could inscribe or create items that give us a glimpse into why we learned an ability. Again, there should be huge limitations on this and in this case I would like to see it having many different parts in order to accomplish. Each of these parts should be extremely difficult to get. Though, for a guild this could be very convenient. I'm thinking this could be good for alts. It could be for information selling

    Example: A skill requires you to complete 5 ambiguous requirements and you can forge an item through these skills to shed light on one of the parts. These should be highly sought after and a guild would find, make and horde the information because this is the part of the game that brings uncertainty.

    I would even go as far as saying you could get the same one over and over again so that it is not guaranteed that you will get any information at all. Just another aspect to make people progress and enjoy the game and get better.

    This could be like Fortuning or inscription.

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