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    Will this be a guild only small capped size game? I think that would be of benefit. I think you should somehow try to make it feel like a small-scale game. Zerging has basically ruined every game that's come out time after time. Cap guilds.. cap map player limit..? I bet you can come up with a great counter to this problem. Thanks,

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    @kesmai Prometheus anwered it in the Q&A live stream. Small guild can do something (dunno if enought to be competitive for territories - I doubt) for sure zergs will be different he said cause fractured have collisions, this way players can not stack up in a small area.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I love it that this game has player collision. Tanks can actually block ppl trying to get into your settlement for example. I've played Age of Conan wich had player collision. You still have large groups like 100+. But if you make maps so that there are plenty of bottlenecks on the landscape you can have fun laying ambush, block the large groups and nuke them. So it won't be zerging like in Aion, Terra and other theme park shit.

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