Possible addition of adding shop owners as an option of gameplay

  • It would be nice if players could set up shops and be able to start a business doing such as a 'class'. Allow players to open up bakeries, taverns, inns, blacksmithing, fletchery, armories, or the likes out of their home. The way this would work is have certain counters for shops people could put out and be able to put their wares in it. Visually, the counters would show the basic wares. For bakeries, the counters would show an assortment of baked goods like pies, breads, rolls, etc. Weaponsmith would have swords, axes, flails, etc. If the counter's inventory is empty, then the counter would appear empty so the customer would know there's nothing for sale in the counter. To purchase from the counter, the customer would interact with the counter and a list of goods being sold would come up with the prices and the customer would make a purchase like that and that item of course would be taken out of the counter's inventory. If a player is using the building as a home..eg ground level is the shop, upper level is the home, you can set up transparent building blocks that won't allow anyone but the owner and his list of people to go through it. As in they could set the block at the base of some stairs and only he and his chosen few are allowed up the stairs.

    For taverns/inns it would run a little different. The owner of the city could allow the business owner to own a bit larger plot of land so they can run a multi room inn. For renting a room, you could set up transparent blocks designating an rental section with a marker that marks the entrance to the room and that if someone wants in, the owner can set up pricing per RL 24hs and when rented, the block won't allow any more transactions until the rented time is over. When travelling players go to enter a room, then can get a notice that the room is or isn't available for rent and if it is available, they have the option to rent it. If they decide to rent it, they're given the price per day and can choose how many days they want to rent it with a maximum of 7 days. If the player's character is still in the room (online or offline) when the time is over, then they will be moved outside the room and not allowed back in until they purchase more time. If they are offline, the room will still register as available to another player, and when the original player logs in, he'll find himself outside the room. You can add a rested bonus to Health/Mana/Stamina regen and when people are away from home, they can have this as a option to collect that bonus while away from home.

    For Taverns without rooms to rent, they can operate as social gathering places. Tavern Owners can create tavern fare food, drinks(that can replicate being drunk when too much is consumed), maybe make playing musical instruments as an ability that can be improved on so players can play as bards and travelling minstrels to play in the taverns and they could play for tips.

    I see these options as a way to make the game's community more socially interactive. You will get people that want to RP their characters and this is a great way to encourage that. Allowing players to live their 'dream' of being a shop keeper, tavern owner, innkeeper, what have you, can be a great way to get your game out there. "Live your dream! Be a seasoned warrior, powerful mage, a skilled hunter, or the owner of your own business in Fractured Online! The Choice is yours!"


    The system is already in place, but without consuming plots in the cities which is fun in theory and horrible in practice (imagine all the abandoned shops, the time wasted walking from a shop to another just to search for an item; market is already hyper fragmented rn with one shop per city, imagine multiple ones... ).

    What I appreciate in this suggestion is the "sandbox" part of "start a business doing such as a 'class'." . Which btw is already present in multiple MMOs, the simplest example that comes to mind is Albion Online with the refinement bonuses.

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