• Hello,
    The rubberbanding is really funky like needs some balance... the just rando go on a rubberand spree and dont stop, they decide to rubberband after reaching half health and you have not moved.... please look into this its strange

  • Moderator

    Usually this is due to using totems. They are known to have weird effects on mobs, including making them rubber band.

  • gladiator and street rat... I have never used a totem, been around some and seen it there..

    what i am referring to is being like not even off screen really close to where i encountered a mob out in the wild. the thing takes some damge i take some damage, melee so not moving then it runs like half a screen away and gets the regen from rubberbanding. Feels more like the game decided that the fight is taking to long and or forgot a tank melee character was there and the mob resets...this has happened with my bleed build and my tank build that has not dots or bleeds or lasting debuffs.

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