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    About Us:
    Checkmate is a Hardcore PvX guild. We believe that one cannot excel at PvP unless they are consistent in clearing PvE content. Efficiency, Organization and Respect are the core values that we are built upon. We do not require that our members invest X amount of hours on a daily basis, what matters to us is that our members constantly progress towards end game and stay relevant. Regarding our history, we were one of the top guilds in Revelation Online under the name Ascendance (previously known as Resurgence). The best guilds perform exceptionally at launch due to the amount of information and knowledge they gather during the game's beta testing phases. As such we aim to be one of the above guilds to ensure we have the advantage over others.

    We are currently focused on Bless and Ashes of Creation.
    Recruitment, Discord and Website for Fractured will be made public closer to Fractured's launch depending on whether we like the game.
    If you'd like to stay in touch with us, you can find our AoC Discord here:

    Our Focus:
    » Large Scale PvP. Air Sieges. Faction Wars.
    » End-Game Dungeons and Raids.
    » We strive to be at the top amongst other competitive guilds.
    » Providing organized content to our members.

    What we offer:
    » Experienced Leadership.
    » A well built, established roster.
    » Organized Content (PvP and PvE).
    » Like spreadsheets? We've got spreadsheets.
    » Healthy, Constructive environment.

    Our Requirements:
    » Be Mature - Stay Open-Minded. Drama is frowned upon.
    » Active - Character progression + Attend in game events.
    » Non-Toxic - Public Trash talk will not be tolerated.
    » Discord Mandatory - Able to understand English and follow commands.

    Why Discord?
    Discord lets us manage an active roster and is an alternative to the traditional forums as it lets us host both text and voice channels for our members. It plays an important role in our guild as it is available on both PC and Android, thus allowing us to stay in touch with our community.

    What if I don't fit the Hardcore description?
    We understand that people have lives and cannot invest ridiculous amounts of hours into a game. What matters to us is that you as a player, progress towards end game (Be it in the form of gearing up, clearing content, etc.).

    If you’re a Semi-hardcore player and are interested in joining us, reach out to us on Discord and talk to us. We’re willing to make exceptions under certain circumstances.


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