Martial Arts Weapons & Unarmed


    Unarmed deals very subpar damage, and I know it probably doesn't make much sense to be able to punch something like an elemental to death, but it should at least deal dependable damage—not as much damage as weapons made of more durable material that can be enchanted but enough for those who have invested into STR as their main attribute. Whenever their weapons break, they would be able to reliably settle their problems with their fists if they're able to stay close to their enemies, and this would become more reliable for monks when Martial Arts is released.

    Since monks and Martial Arts was brought up, I think their weapons should be discussed. While part of this suggestion is about unarmed receiving a buff to its base damage, enough to make it reliable but not as good as weapons, monks don't have any fist-based weapons that they can utilize. There are quite a few out there that suits them, but I'll only list three that seem fitting for Fractured:

    Primitive Wraps

    • Hand wraps, made from cloth and woven gauze, are commonly used by those participating in combat sports to protect their hands from punching-induced injuries such as friction, sprains, and fractures while assisting the wearer's bones and tissue through compression which allows them to punch with greater force.
      • This could be a monk's primitive (T1) weapon capable of slightly increasing their blunt damage.
        • This could be the first weapon to utilize cloth and bandages.

    Bagh nakh (Tiger claw)

    • A fist-loaded weapon, inspired by the claws of tigers hence its name, that originates from Southern Asia. These were designed to be fitted over the knuckles where the claws would rest in the palms of the wearer's hands, but there were variants that could be worn on the knuckles with claws extending over them. They were made with the intent of slashing and ripping away at an adversaries' flesh and muscles. (This weapon is the inspiration for many claw-based weapons commonly seen in video games.)
      • This could be a monk's T2 weapon capable of inflicting slashing damage.
        • This weapon could have an innate bleed chance property.


    • These were "battle gloves" traditionally used by the Greeks and Romans for sport (gladiatorial events often held in colosseums). They were made of hardened leather and tended to have metal plates, studs, or spikes fashioned into them to increase their lethality.
      • This weapon could be a monk's T2 weapon capable of increasing their blunt damage.
        • This could be the first weapon to utilize hides and leathers.

    Emei Daggers
    Emei Piercers

    • A martial artists' secret weapon originating from China that are still used today in wushu (kung fu). It consists of thin metal rods with sharpened pointed ends that are capable of spinning on detachable rings worn on the middle fingers. These were designed to pierce, to confuse, and to be concealed for the element of surprise.
      • This weapon could be a monk's T2 weapon capable of inflicting piercing damage.
        • The rods' ability to be concealed and spun aren't necessary unless desired to be used for combat animations.


    • These are "push daggers" that originate from Southern Asia. They are designed to be held in the same way one would form their hand into a fist. Due to their alignment and shape, they were used to pierce adversaries by punching with them, hence "push dagger", but are capable of slashing as well. Gloved (gauntlet) and hooded variants were also crafted for additional protection in addition to forked (blade) variants for increased lethality.
      • This weapon could be a monk's T2 weapon capable of inflicting piercing and slashing damage. (Similar to the regular daggers.)
        • May be too much, but if the gloved (gauntlet) or hooded variant is chosen, they could have a low innate block chance.

    I haven't decided which could be poisoned and could have "Spell Channeling" as their property, even though I'm leaning more towards the cestuses, the katars, and the wraps for the latter, but I'd rather leave that decision to the developers anyway.


    (Also, for clarification, "unarmed" means not wielding any weapons. Despite being fist weapons, the wielder is still considered armed since they are tools being used to inflict additional bodily harm like any other weapon.)


    If we talk about monk type character(not brawler), INT(WIS) stat should affect damage(and affect deffencive capabilities as AGI), INT/WIS could help to "channel" energy throw body and weapon.
    Matrial arts school could also affect simple weapon like qarterstaff and sickle and maybe some exotic like kama.

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