Melee in parties


    As far as I understand, aggro in this game is proximity based right? How can I damage a Legendary as a melee in a party for example without stealing aggro from the tank? Is this a skill issue? Thanks!


    Aggro is first effected by who hits the target first. When in tank role I often carry a bow just to get that first hit in when my party forgets this fact.
    If no-one hits the target then the player who crosses into the mobs detection first gets targeted.
    Whenever a mob gets stunned (and maybe also if rooted) from ability or shock stack effect the aggro seems to get cleared and will be placed on the first attack or closest target as above.
    There also seems to be a time or damage factor which if the current targeted player does not do damage or is not hit by the mob then the aggro will reset to the closest or one who does damage to the mob.
    taking all this into consideration, if you use a stun or root after attacking the target you should be able to avoid keeping aggro if the tank attacks first or is closer after the effect is done.
    Take all this with a grain of salt, this is just my experiences and what works for me.

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