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  • Hello my wonderful and very busy Devs,

    Tooltips, they show weight and that is all....

    Relogging does not fix it.

    fletching table, smelter & forge.. though board types in the fletching station do have the correct info.. so its not alll of them just hit and miss.

  • Distillery- I do not have anything but weight for the oils selected or in the pop up menu .(3 different stations checked)[tool tip for the crystal changes and is the appropriate crystal]

    woodworking table shows tool tips on the selected board and the ones in the pop up menu
    (2 station checked)

    wood refinery has just weight on the verious boards. (4 different stations checked)

    Fletching station had tool tips on the selected window and the menu(1 station checked)

    Forge - so yeah the forge has the correct tooltip for ingots, leather gold and patterns correct, the tooltip for the actual gear is blank except weight & name.

  • Moderator

    Thanks for the report. The tooltips of the crafting stations appear to have bugged following the last patch.

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