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    It's looking like the street rat toolkit was dialed back a tad too much... or the mob regen was dialed up too much? one or the other, i know and understand the knife fighting/assassin changes.. 1/2 damage was a bit too much for a new to mid streetrat to take as a hit. I can see where the build was going and understand how it may be to strong when you get it all worked out.

    I would buff some of the other skills in the trees that were not being used as much to give some balance to the 1/2 damage reality that is now implemented..?

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    The street rat tookit was hardly changed for low level encounters. A couple of skills have some damage less, but the main damage has always come from Strike Wounds, which was nerfed only against high HP opponents.

  • completely wrong the skills you start with were cut in half for damage check the release notes.

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    @Xandrathii I know them quite well.

    First of all they were not halved, but reduced by around 25% (from 15.2 to 11.2, assuming a primitive dagger), secondarily as I said, those 2 active skills you get were hardly your main damage. All your damage comes from strike wounds, which was nerfed only against ogre level enemies.

  • Right in black and white in the patch notes 18-27 down to 10-15 more than 50%, 12-18 down to 8-12.. more than 50%, I don't know how you can argue with the actual numbers the from the patch notes... ?

    Lethal Strike: Unhealable duration reduced from [0.18-0.27] x DEX to [0.16-0.24] x DEX, damage bonus reduced from [18-27] x DEX to [10-15] x DEX.

    Rend Armor: resistance debuff increased from [1.2-1.8] x DEX to [1.6-2.4] x DEX, extra weapon damage reduced from [12-18] x DEX to [8-12] x DEX.

    Disrupting Strike: extra weapon damage reduced from [12-18] x DEX to [8-12] x DEX.

    Debilitating Strike: extra weapon damage reduced from [12-18] x DEX to [8-12] x DEX.

    Strike Wounds damage cap is now 30% lower when used against monsters.

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    @Xandrathii I can say what I say thanks to the almighty power of math!

    All the skills which you start with have been decreased from multiplier 12 to 8. To this you have to add the basic damage of the primitive dagger, which is 3.2.

    So the damage of those skills as I already explained changed from 15.2 too 11.2, which in no math equals to 50%, but is much closer to the 25% I stated. (26.3%)

    Strike wound damage was not decreased by 30%. The MAX damage of strike wounds was decreased by 30%, which is very different. To reach that cap the target needs to have suffered more than 2100 damage, so for sure we are not talking goblins or bandits.

  • Old numbers

    new numbers


    1-0.66=0.33 ok so min and max damage range is reduced by 33% that would be the same for av

    the part that is misses here was what i said if your going to nerf the parts that are tooooooo strong please dial up the parts that were tooooo wimpy like cu de gra or what ever the silly franch is... should have been boosted a bit so you had that rogue - ish feel of a finishing move that worked instead of the assassiny insta killz

    I will have to exparament with what you are saying about the weapon dice adding to the base number before its is multiplied or do...

    the active abilities are really not present with the knife and assassin stuff... you walk up and open with a hit from stealth, shadow jump in for a burst or then melee for a bit and try to finish with a burst.. or debuff with ready hits or throw sand.. something to make you come out ahead in the melee... with rubberbanding and regen you cant stealth off and go for another opening burst... if you are DEX INT PER for the damage hit and mana regen for spam skills you really cant stand in combat for long. the change made bandits deadly and sent me back to lizardfolk..

    Thank you for the help in explaining the change i think i understand it a little more.

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