The Mage Guild Recruiting for Release!


    You are fascinated of magic and want to understand more of it? You want a deep connection to the planets and its beeings? You want master the skills of the elements? You want to heal other and make the world a better place?

    Then the mage guild could be your place.

    If you have no fear to follow the rules of the order and want to give your life for it, then become a apprentice and climb the ladder into the mage council and become a powerful mage!

    Our general expectations to you are:

    • You prefer joining the EU Server if existing
    • Speaking english is no problem for you to communicate with your brothers and sisters.
    • You are a true teamplayer
    • You have no problem with a bit Roleplay in the context of the Mage Guild
    • You want to play a mostly magical orientated character in fractured
    • Reallife comes before all ingame activities
    • Having fun comes before fast progression

    About the structure and rules of the mage guild:

    General rules:

    • you are a neutral or good ingame character
    • you are using a mostly magical skill character
    • you have to contribute with a craftskill to the guilds economy
    • your prefered playstyle doesnt matter! PVE and PVP are part of the guild


    • You start as an apprentice after accepted by the guild
    • You can archive 8 Ranks in the guild influenced by the grow of your knowledge in magic and the impact of your contribution to the guild
    • There are the Council of Mages elected every 2 month by the guilds member that have, besides the Archmage, a impact of all things the order is doing or will do
    • All members can also take part by voting for or against a topic the council have decided
    • There will be a Main City for the order that will also elected at the beginning by its members
    • The Mage Guild use a Discord Server for communication and also for all informations around the mage guild.

    Tell me here what goals you want to archive,what are your strenghts to contribute into our association, and what does it mean to you becoming a member of the mage guild.

    Iam excited of your creative applications.

    Unitatis et cohaerentia
    Archmage Ignator



    is this a cult? kinda sounds like a cult...



    If you call the mage guild in skyrim a cult, then maybe it is one 🙂
    But it is a democratic cult 🙂


    I am interested. See how your triangle has three circles on each corner and one large center circle? Well could the one large center circle represent the public core values of the guild as you described but the other three represents extensions of those rule. Say Knights with magic doing knight things for the guild that would not be suitable for a typical mage, Magical rouges to act as spies and assassins (that the guild most definitely will not have), and maybe a Transit department that handle say not quite committed assets, like players who can do stuff for use but are not part of the guild or loyal to the guild but receive limited benefits for servicing the guild. OfCourse there are a lot more cercles to add more secret things that are on a need to know basis.



    A interesting interpretation of our guilds sign 🙂

    Indeed the symbols have some secrets, that are not known for the outside and rumors surrounding it since creation of the guild.

    If you one time are able to study our history in the big libary of the guild, you could possibly find the answers!


    @Ignator I will seek your order in game.


    The Last days our circle welcomed plenty of new apprentices that want to study the way of magic.

    Hopefully other will do it the same way, to help geting our city of magic studys "Winterhold".

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