Feedback/Suggestion: Wagons and empty plots.

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    4 days ago, I finally got 4k to get my first plot. People had used the empty plot as a parking lot for abandoned wagons. The wagons had timers on them. I purchased the plot, and the wagons were still there, I wasnt really suprised but also I couldnt start placing blueprints. So i decided to wait 16 or so hours for the wagons to despawn. 3 days later, the wagons were still there, only with no timer. I figured maybe I could move them myself, so I got a horse and was able to move all but 1. The last wagon was stuck and unable to be interacted with. I know from reading Help chat that im not the only person with this frustration.

    My suggestion, is that something be put in place so that players dont have to deal with this headache when purchasing a new plot. Destroy the wagons parked in the empty plot perhaps. Or maybe prevent people from leaving them in empty plots.


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    The owner should get the ability to destroy wagons on his plot, in the same way that currently a governor can destroy any wagon in the city.

    For now though what you can do is ask a GM for help, by sending the coordinates of the plot, and a screenshot indicating which carts you want removed.

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