[NA][Keepers Of Serenity] Recruiting New and Experienced Players [PvX]

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    About Us
    KOS is a MMO community home to a fun group of team players who have been gaming together for years. We love PvP and mostly focus on that play style, but we still provide a great place for any type of gamer. We will never force you to grind for quotas or meet arbitrary activity requirements. Our only requirement is that you are a true team player.

    What We Offer

    • A strong and tight-knit core that have played multiple games together for years
    • A large group of members who play in many different time zones.
    • Daily raiding and community goals.
    • Open minded leadership willing to listen to their players.
    • No forced quotas or activity requirements.
    • Freedom to work on your own projects if you don't feel like playing with the group that day.
    • A very welcoming community that allows for both PvP and PvE play styles.

    Join Us To Experience:
    City Building
    Open World PvP
    City Raids and Sieges
    Open World Bosses
    Knowledge XP Farms
    Helpful Community That is Welcoming to New and Experienced Players

    Whether you are a freshBRO Min/Maxer or a casual Bob, KOS accepts all types of playstyles. If you are looking for a laid back group to learn the game with, Open world PvP hop in our discord and get to know us.

  • Wow seems like a great group of guys this is where i'll be

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