Rubberbanding, bugging out when coming near player city's

  • Had this happen several times now in the last weeks.
    Today i came at the outside wall of CatsDrools (Tyr) just 15 min ago.
    I started rubberbanding back to the same spot and could only move like 2 steps.
    With or without horse, no difference.
    Relog or quit/restart, restart pc also no difference.
    Except at the 5th attempt all the map went grey and i respawned back at my house (startingpoint)...

    I also noticed that none of the grey or yellow city-shields where visible on the worldmap when i had this.


    Cats Drools is in a special GM created 'no go zone' for them to do video for the trailer they just put out.

    Logging out in a corrupted data region (like serenity) will cause problems. Move to a different region, log out and back in and it will be fixed.

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