My opinion 5 hours into game

  • So far I am finding some things I like and some I dislike. I do appreciate the game taking things back to where the game is challenging and you have to think twice before charging into a group of mobs. I let my 8 year old niece play on my ESO and she had no problems once I showed her the basics and she had ten minutes practice, Fractured is a welcome step up in difficulty. The point and click movement is taking me some getting used to but I am managing. I am finding the fixed mini map is frustratingly small on a wide screen 1980 x 1020 monitor. I cannot find a way of enlarging it. Just me or is there no way of changing it's size ? The main map is OK for rough navigation in the wilderness, but finding my way around in towns is difficult.

    On foods I could me missing something but so far it looks like cooked rabbit, wolf, fox etc meat are all pretty much identical in nature. Will more advanced foods and potions give buffs? Something to buff mana and health recovery would be nice. Armor and weapon/spell damage potions are also things I am missing.

    Server stability during daytime weekday afternoons seemed good but on weekend evenings I got a lot of disconnects. Saturday evening after 4 disconnects/crashes in ten minutes I just gave up.. I have a fairly advanced machine and a fiber optic connection so I doubt it was on my end but it is possible it could have been. I played ESO for a while afterwards and had no problems

    All in all I think I could really enjoy this game once a few the rough edges are smoothed over but at this stage even for a beta

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    The UI still needs a few adjustments, and yes the minimap cannot currently be enlarged.

    Foods right now are all the same, but the devs plan to give the player buffs if he keeps a correct nutrition.

    Health recovery is not an issue with bandages, while mana recovery is indeed a bit harsh at the start. You can gain mana regen with talents and by enchanting your armor.

    I sometimes get a crash, but never so many times in a row. Usually once every 2 days.

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