Aerhen raids bugged.


    So to recap:
    some fireplaces are bugged, harbors in Aerhen get confused and think they are in Myr, and vice governors do not have all the permissions they are supposed to..
    New wrinkle:
    As the vice governor of Zenith I declared a raid against Coal Harbor.
    I took a cart of wood to Coal harbor to build the siege tent... but there was no place to put it.
    The town is definatly under threat as shown by the big flag in the middle of the town, the war chest and sign up book in the town hall.
    But no place to put the siege tent.
    So I go to Coal Harbors mirror town in Myr - Tasty Kaos. sieges bugged.png
    And there I find the siege tent zone, a siege flag, war chest, signup book, and siege count down timer as if Tasty Kaos is also about to be raided.

    I find that when standing in the tent zone I still do not have the option to build a siege tent.

    So... the game is happy to take my 20k but wont let me build the tent I need to actually do the raid, wont put the attacker tent zone in the right continent, or right city, and instead another totally innocent town in Myr is where I am allowed to attack (should my governor come back to the game and they put down the tent).

    Oh, and multiple towns still cant place wall segments.

    Please fix permissions.
    And i'd like my 20k back if the bug cant be fixed in time.


    well then....


    and apparently the bug where People who log out inside of a town that will be sieged are still able to log into the town during the siege event is still happening.
    they get stuck but are still able to act as forward observers for the attacking force.
    I thought that they would be teleported out of the zone.

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