Questions about Karmic Value ~


    Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with monsters in the wild ~
    When we kill monsters in the wild, we can only say that hunters hunt prey!
    I don't think you can get karma by killing like this ~
    If hunting can gain karma, I think it is very unreasonable!
    We are looking for monsters in the wild ~ instead of them invading us!
    So karma can't be added by killing wild monsters!
    And after you become a red name! Direct -10 karma ~ as long as you go bad, direct -10 karma value!
    Because your mind is bad ~ God is watching you! !

    If you hunt too many monsters in this area!
    Monsters will be angry too!
    They will attack nearby cities!
    And I think people can get karmic value by defending the city!

    Because you are protecting the property of this city! Won the love of people ~

    And the players with red names can only kill the players of the demon race to increase karma!
    And the devil confronts the player with the red name! Players who wash red names ~ can become angels ~
    The washed red player is killed by the demon player ~ there will be a certain karmic value increase ~ to gain the ability to become an angel.

    That's why most players ~ after being killed by red names ~
    I don't really want to continue the game ~ because the karmic value is too easy to get ~
    Imagine ~ I'm a hunter who killed a human ~ I can get karmic value by killing innocent prey ~ get salvation!
    No one can accept it.


    And neutral mode ~
    I think the neutral mode can be PVP~ in the wild ~
    But as long as the assets are plundered ~
    You have to deduct the karmic value ~
    Because you killed each other ~ ~
    And plundered other people's assets ~
    I don't think this setting is neutral enough ~
    If I am a neutral player ~ I will only PVP, and I will not plunder ~

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