More gradients of difficulty to better accommodate more players.


    Due to the very large gap between starting players and max kp players with fully enchanted T2 equipment who know how to best use the game mechanics there will always be this point where some people are just steamrolling mobs.
    use the '3 continents per world' to create raising difficulty environments.
    Continent 1 (myr) could be where all the easy and a few medium world bosses are, and where players dont really have to worry about weather conditions and can clear 80% of the mobs with just T1 equipment. 150% fertility norm.
    Continent 2 (aerhen) would have medium and hard world bosses, the players would have more challenges due to weather and environment, and would need T2 equipment to do it well. 100% fertility norm.
    Continent 3 would have the very hard world bosses, and just be a horrid place to live (50% fertility norm), but also with equally rewarding mobs/resources/and abilities available. And this would be the place to get and use T3 equipment.
    BUT make it so that each content requires trade from the easier ones.
    ---- like myr has tin/copper and hardwood while aerhen does not.
    We kinda have this promise already in the 3 worlds such that you -can- visit the demon world from the human one, but at great risk.
    Further splitting this difficulty/reward gradient between the continents of a planet -I believe- would make for more and better player experiences.
    While high power players -could- just steam roll in the easier continent, the opportunity cost and travel cost would make this prohibitive.


    you should reconsider your suggestion. You want the inexperienced players to be left alone? This is a group game, which of course you know. So our guild takes care of the new players and we go together, newcomers and experienced players farm T1, farm hot spots, farm KP, farm T2, wherever we have to go together. So it doesn't matter where the T1 or T2 reagents and world bosses are. And if a player wants to roll mobs then they should, it also helps them understand the mechanics.


    not at all.
    A lot of the game is lateral progression via equipment.
    A brand new player with some equipment and friends can certainly take on harder mobs right out the gate.
    This is shown by your good example.
    in my suggestion you would just have to give them appropriate clothing to go and play in the harsher climates.
    Just like going to aerhen now. you dont go to the really cold or hot places without appropriate basic gear or skills.
    these basic gears (cotton cloth vs rabbit cloth for example) are easy to get and not a real obstacle.
    The goal is to give higher 'rank' players more content while not simultaniously making it too hard for other players or creating a situation where the higher 'rank' players steamroll the lower rank players along with whatever mobs they happen to be farming.

    If a group of lower rank players decide to gear up and go to the harder place, they are still going to do well and -if- they run into a solo higher tier player they are less likely to get eliminated as they went in expecting it to be more challenging and so brought the numbers to counter it.

    I hope that any farm bots or killing-for-cash solo players are also more likely to be identified and dealt with with this system as they would stick out even more then they might otherwise.

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